Photography helps people see - Bernice Abbott

This is a statement that I 100% agree with, I am always amazed to see how photography changes people. Something shifts within a person that makes you see the mundane world painted with beauty.

A photographer is a composer of pixels, a painter with light, a time freezer and so much more, that's what photography is, it is taking things that seem like nothing and saying no, we refuse to accept that it is just nothing, we will make beauty from this.

Beauty not only being capturing the airy-fairy things but capturing the raw moments in life, the moments where we are struck by life events forever shaping us, capturing deep-dwelling moments when people are lost at the sea of emotions. We are called as photographers to capture everything whether it be with our cameras or our minds there is that moment in us all where that moment gets frozen.

This is something I realized taking photos in church one Sunday, I was amazed at how the people worship and how I could capture it. I fell even deeper in love with photography at this stage. The more I photographed events, people and things, the more I craved to see the world differently. Every event I saw the peoples faces and captured the image in my mind. Every animal I saw, I saw that photo I could capture as it ran through the grass, I saw the beauty, the elegance and I started seeing the beauty in life.

I think this is what makes people crave photography. It is to be reminded of things, memories, to capture moments that would otherwise be lost, to see the world in all its glory. This is why more and more people are photographers and take photos, one shoot and they are hooked.

I love photography for the way it makes me see the world. What is is that you love photography for?