Who is behind all this?

Throne Room Photography...interesting right?

Myself, Ani and my bestie Mila started our photography off with our biggest partner in mind, God. Since 2013 when Mila and I first started becoming best friends this was a centre point in our friendship. Our Christianity is something of an outpouring we want to live our lives through.

“Throne Room” reminds us that we can approach God’s presence boldly and just “Be in the moment” at His feet. It is a proclamation of what God has done through His son Jesus Christ on the cross to restore relationship with every person.

Mila and I both have great hearts for serving and strive to make an impact in this world and thought photography is a great way to do so.

We are very easy going people, who like to make things fun and interesting.

Mila being the extrovert full of life and me, Ani being introverted with more calm and collected, we create the perfect balance in bringing the better side out in each other.

In essence, what photography is about for us is to capture a moment that would otherwise be lost, for us, its all about being in the moment and capturing that raw emotion in photos.

Our photography styles include lifestyle, portraits, wildlife and nature. Milanda has a great eye for sporty events, and capturing children in their natural state. I go for more B & W, still life, and try to bring a creative point of view into the moments captured.

We make the perfect team capture the moments you adore.

“Be in the moment”

Get to know us and what our lives and photography are about, we would love the privilege to get to know you.